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Galaxy Fold is the adaptive mobile experience you've been waiting for. With a balanced, portable form and on-demand expansive viewing, Galaxy Fold opens with seamless App Continuity,* empowers you to hypertask anywhere, and puts a full kit of pro camera lenses in your pocket.


Open up to
something bigger.

Unfold to the most expansive Infinity Display ever.

The brilliant, resilient Infinity Flex Display transforms from a pocket-sized 4.6" phone to an expansive 7.3" Dynamic AMOLED screen.* Multilayers of flexible screen technology nearly half as thin as standard display materials unfold for more immersion and multitasking, and App Continuity* seamlessly transitions an app from front display for more detail and no interruption.

Multi Active Window

Be unstoppable.

Create and collaborate with three apps on one screen.

Galaxy Fold embraces and emboldens the multifaceted work and thought that defines your life. Multi Active Window* gives you the power to navigate, drag-and-drop* and work across three apps on the expansive main display. One UI puts it all at your fingertips any way you hold it. This is the mobile workspace you've been waiting for — one that never delimits your ideas or productivity.

Pro-Grade Camera

Capture any way
you hold it or fold it.

Capture brilliant shots folded or unfolded, landscape or portrait, dusk or dawn.

Galaxy Fold's adaptable form captures brilliant shots with incredible lenses any way you hold it or fold it. The unfolded display is an expansive viewfinder that lets you see greater clarity in any shot, then edit, review and collaborate with more detail. A ridiculously powerful Multi Perspective Camera System captures pro-grade shots anywhere, in any light. A kit of pro lenses includes ultrawide for group selfies and unreal panoramic landscapes, and micro zoom for rich, detailed close-ups. Innovative stabilization captures super-steady video on the move.

Live focus puts the spotlight on you.

The dual-lens portrait camera in the main display captures perfect, crisp images with nuanced effects like a background bokeh or dramatic color point — framed up with ultimate precision on the expansive viewfinder.

One-handed shooting lets you snap an instant pic.

The Cover Camera easily captures epic photos with incredible tone and detail from the folded front display — quick, perfect shots and selfies on the fly.

Wireless PowerShare

A reinvented phone
with a reinvented
way to charge.

Wireless PowerShare gives you power to go around.

Share your power — with a friend's phone or your own earbuds. Wireless PowerShare* can boost energy to other devices wirelessly, just by placing them on the back of your Galaxy.

Galaxy Buds

Convenient devices
easily pair to your
phone to keep you

The next generation of Galaxy Buds is included in the box with Galaxy Fold.

Seamlessly pairable, with brilliant AKG sound, intuitive controls, Buds hold up to 13 hours of battery life with a case that charges wirelessly on the back of your device.

Slim Case

Protection with
outstanding style.

A featherlight, indomitable Kevlar case.

Included in the box with Galaxy Fold, perfectly tailored to protect the resilient front display and back cover.